Friday, May 8, 2015

Surface Water Allocation-Water Rights

The Colorado River flows burdened by over allocation and demand from up to 40 million people.  It begins in high mountains with the snow melt, hurried along by the dust particles.  Delivering water for rural and metro living, farming, recreation, and much more.

The compact signed in 1922 was based on a river flow study.  This study was to determine how much water could be shared between the seven states. It was done at time when the tree ring studies indicate could have been the wettest twenty year period in the past hundred years, and the past hundred years looks like the wettest century in the past thousand years.  As a result the river is estimated to have been over allocated by as much a one million acre feet per year. That was ninety years ago and millions of people have come to rely on the water since then.

Today many individuals are looking for the same security the seven states wanted from the 1922 river compact, water rights security.  Assurances that they would be allowed to draft, pump, divert or otherwise utilize the water. You can own your rights to put water to beneficial use in many areas of the Western United States.

After 38 years in the land and water rights sales I have concluded that this is the most commonly asked question in my business.  How can I own water rights to use the water for my own beneficial use on my land?  How do I acquire and keep water rights?  There is not a single simple answer to this question, but there are answers which will help in most people develop an understanding about water rights.

This is exactly what "How to Buy Water Rights" is about and why it was written.

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