Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How Limited are your Water Resources?

How dependable is your water supply? 

What would you do if the water did not come out when you turn on your facet? Do you take for granted that fresh clean water will always be there when you need it? Have you considered how you will respond to continuing increases in the fees you pay for your water?

Are you aware of the water shortages and depleted aquifers below?

On November 24, 1922 in Santa Fe, New Mexico the water in the Colorado River was promised or allocated to seven states and each was allotted a share of the river. The amount of water or river flow was divided up based on a twenty year river flow study that had just been completed. Today looking back we know that the twenty year study time period was the wettest twenty in the past hundred years. Tree ring studies now tell us the past hundred years was one of the wettest hundred year period in the past thousand years. The river was millions of gallons over allocated the day they signed the Compact.

The Ogallala is the largest aquifer in the United States. It was charged or filled with water from the melting glaciers around ten thousand years ago. The available water in this underground aquifer has been declining since the first electric pumps were put to work. It is not a question of will it be pumped dry, rather a matter of when it will no longer be capable of supplying water to the land above.

Satellite studies now allow science to better understand how much water is in the aquifers below ground. The recent study of the California Central Valley aquifer shows large water losses. The Central Valley produces a large amount and variety of foods. This food is consumed by all of America. Science believes the aquifer below the Central Valley lost enough water to fill Lake Mead during a short study period. Lake Mead is above Hoover Dam on the Colorado River and the largest man made lake in America. As the water table falls in California there is a well drilling free for all going on with large wealthy farmers drilling deeper and deeper wells. 

Whole towns have already lost the municipal supply wells to thousands of people.

Droughts and mega droughts have brought cultures and civilizations to their demises throughout history.

Do you want a secure water future? Do you understand aquifer and surface water over allocation? Are you confident that you can go out and make informed decisions in your quest for a reliable secure water future?

Water rights, both ground water and surface flowing water rights to put the water to your own personal beneficial use are available today.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Most Common Question

In the land and water rights sales business, one of the most commonly asked questions is, "How do I acquire and keep water rights?"  There is not a single simple  answer to this question, but there are answers which will help most people develop an understanding about water rights.

 "How to Buy Water Rights"   Is an attempt to keep the explanation simple.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Surface Water Allocation-Water Rights

The Colorado River flows burdened by over allocation and demand from up to 40 million people.  It begins in high mountains with the snow melt, hurried along by the dust particles.  Delivering water for rural and metro living, farming, recreation, and much more.

The compact signed in 1922 was based on a river flow study.  This study was to determine how much water could be shared between the seven states. It was done at time when the tree ring studies indicate could have been the wettest twenty year period in the past hundred years, and the past hundred years looks like the wettest century in the past thousand years.  As a result the river is estimated to have been over allocated by as much a one million acre feet per year. That was ninety years ago and millions of people have come to rely on the water since then.

Today many individuals are looking for the same security the seven states wanted from the 1922 river compact, water rights security.  Assurances that they would be allowed to draft, pump, divert or otherwise utilize the water. You can own your rights to put water to beneficial use in many areas of the Western United States.

After 38 years in the land and water rights sales I have concluded that this is the most commonly asked question in my business.  How can I own water rights to use the water for my own beneficial use on my land?  How do I acquire and keep water rights?  There is not a single simple answer to this question, but there are answers which will help in most people develop an understanding about water rights.

This is exactly what "How to Buy Water Rights" is about and why it was written.

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Experts seem to agree that in the United States, we have taken fresh clean water for granted. There is a new awareness settling into our minds about water. Simply put, in many areas we are depleting this most valuable resource and it will not recover. We are draining huge underground aquifers, aquifers which took thousands of years to fill. We are diverting our surface water to the point that the people downstream have no water. Municipal wells are going dry, leaving whole towns without any water supply. 

 Recently a client came to me to sell a small parcel of land her father had owned for many years. She gave me a deed and a water share document from the local water company and irrigation district.The document showed they owed two shares in the water district and that entitled them to a certain amount of "ditch time" a diversion term for the amount of time you can divert the ditch water from the ditch and onto your property. Turned out the water district was reorganized twenty years ago, notices were sent out to all share holders, improvements were being done fees needed to be paid and new ownership shares were issued to all who responded. Except her father did not respond and knew nothing about this, she owned no shares and no water. Unknowingly, She was going to sell her worthless shares to a new buyer. Another example, an attorney working for an estate calls me to sell 400 acre and almost 1000 acre feet of ground water rights. He is thinking a half million dollars. Turns out the owner died twelve years earlier and has NOT been using his water. Western water law has a "use it or lose it" and the State Engineer had revoked those rights five years earlier for non-use. We could not get them back and the land was nearly useless without the water rights.  Even attorneys make mistakes, don't get burned.

How Much Water Do You Need?

One square foot is 144 square inches, it takes 43,560 square feet to make-up an acre. One acre foot is 43,560 cubic feet of water or about 325,000 gallons. Your garden, orchard, animals will require about one inch of water per week, so you need four acre feet to get one inch of water per week over your  entire acre, year around. Do you know how much 1,300,000 gallons of water for your one acre farm will cost on your current system? Can you even buy this much water from your provider without severe penalties? How secure do you feel? Watering only during the growing season will cut your consumption in half and many will not farm a whole acre.

 Do you want fresh food and water security? How do you achieve food and water security? Is your current water source reliable, affordable, and actually available in the amounts you will require for your food and water.

Do you feel secure right now with your ability to have enough water?

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